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Creating lifelong memories at the Omnia events in Mykonos, Ornos

Blue and gold beaches, iconic sites, glamorous lifestyle, uplifting vibes: Mykonos constitutes the perfect backdrop against which to celebrate your special occasion– or just life. And though current circumstances are placing a limitation on your event’s size, at the Omnia Mykonos Boutique Hotel, less is actually more. This year you might not be able to throw a spectacularly huge party. But we are here to ensure that your smaller-scale “do” writes history, too. Be it an important anniversary, a well-deserved promotion, a special birthday, a magical christening, a fairy tale wedding or a fantasy-themed banquet, rest assured that your event in Mykonos, Ornos will be forever cherished by guests and protagonists alike.

Unique Celebrations & Events

Small and intimate, effortlessly chic or luxe events in Mykonos, Ornos

Just let your imagination run wild: We are all about tailoring your events in Mykonos, Ornos according to your personality, specifications and desires. Are you planning a bohemian, laid back affair, a classy ceremony or a closed, exclusive party? Perhaps a friends and family gathering, a smart but casual cocktail or a black-tie gala? Whatever their style and tone, we are here to make sure that your events in Mykonos, Ornos, are really those that you’ve dreamt about. To this end, we take your wishes as a leitmotif to co-design the specifics. Then, sparing no effort, we collaborate with a team of seasoned professionals to ascertain that every detail, however minuscule, is taken care of. We even tackle the boring bits like special permissions or paperwork. So that you can just focus on enjoyment from the moment you set foot at the Omnia Mykonos boutique hotel in Ornos.

Private events in Mykonos, Ornos

Sporting luxurious lodgings, thoughtful facilities and two acclaimed restaurants at a stone’s throw from the Aegean sea, the Omnia Mykonos boutique hotel in Ornos, is the right match for any kind of private happening: From a small and intimate get-together to a lavishly elegant reception- and everything in between. And the best of all? Due to their design and amenities, our rooms and suites are ideal for housing your guests too. They are equally great for hosting a variety of pre and post-event cocktails, brunches and parties if you want to turn this into a multi-day celebration! And there is always cosmopolitan Ornos just steps away, for a taste of authentic island life!


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